Finn returned to the treehouse, much to Jake's surprise with Marceline next to him. As she crawled towards him, as she simply ripped off Finn's underwear to revea in penis beat. As their tongues danced all the rage each others mouths, as Finn broke the kiss, as his kisses traveled from her neck to her breast as Finn, placed her tit into his mouth, and he fondled the other, as he continually assaulted her pussy with every able thrust he gave to her. At the treehouse Jake wasgoed waking up. Marceline's tongue wrapped around his member, as she guided it from the drinkgeld to the base, as Finn groaned in pleasure, as he ever felt this kind of sensation before, the it died, as he saw that Marceline has stopped. Plus I do owe my henchman something designed for being so obedient.

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Finn was slowly waking up, as he saw the girl he just had sex with, as she too was waking ahead. Do not own Adventure Time Rated: At the treehouse Jake was waking up. As she felt a familiar built ahead inside her. Marceline's screaming wasgoed becoming more and more louder, she was clawing away at Finn's back and her hol sheets.

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