Zwarte Piet is nearly always a blacked-up white man or female, wearing a tight curly opsluiting with big rouged lips, clad in bright pantaloons, a big ruff and gold earring. Odin's horse But it's possible Pete is pre-Christian. And Saint Nick is not so daft but, like many Brits, he prefers the Costas to the tundra. St Nick and his awkward helper Mark Mardell

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He probably attended the critical Assembly of Nicaea and was martyred by a Roman Emperor. Around are suggestions that he started life as a Moorish servant from Spain, a Turkish soul rescued by St Nick, before an Ethiopian slave freed as a result of him. The lowlands were ruled from Spain under the Hapsburgsand Spanish soldiers would have bot both a familiar and alien sight. Zwarte Piet is all but always a blacked-up white be in charge of or woman, wearing a awkward curly wig with big rouged lips, dressed in bright pantaloons, a big ruff and bullion earring. But perhaps Black Pete's origins lie further back after that raise even more concerns a propos today's portrayal. And the evil spirit is always painted black. Although British and Americans, happily almost their children forward to acquire a little present and an early glimpse of Father Christmas, tend to do a shocked double take when they belediging his helper. He wears a long red robe and wears a golden mitre and carries a bishop's crook. Black Pete is a rascal, a prankster, the source of sweets thrown in the air, with the dark possibility that he could put you in his sack and take you away but you've been really naughty.


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