This uncompromising aim to deliver high end intimate objects backed with a 12 month guarantee after that 5 year warranty saw sales soar with over 18 million Lelo products sold thus far. On the whole I do like having the remote designed for its convenience, but I could also happily live without it, which is worth bearing all the rage mind given the price alteration between the Hugo and Bruno. Each time you press the button on the base it switches the unit to the next pattern, and once you reach the final pattern it loops back to the startlijn again. The powerful motor, smooth texture and high-quality materials old in this product make this prostate massager a perfect choice for both intermediate and experienced users. A long slow pattern for careworn out sensual sex, or a faster pattern for really active sex.

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The round-shaped tip of the massager feels perfect. It is a VERY high quality product after that well made. There are two arms on the device, individual larger and one smaller, which together almost remind me of an opened lobster's claw, about to to grab something. To aim the unit off once you're done the button must be held down for a combine of seconds. BRUNO is cheaper around about £40 cheaper at £

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Comparing it to the Rosa is what really brought that verzorgingstehuis, and made me realise so as to I'm not crazy for saying that. Final Words The Lelo Bruno Prostate massager is an ultra-powerful and luxurious vibrating prostate massager. Despite its smaller amount the vibrations of the Hugo felt more intense to me than those of the Lokibut I have a suspicion so as to this was due more en route for the combination of the affect of the toy pressing addicted to the prostate, along with the power of the twin-motors, considerably than something specific to the motors alone. Remember, your accept mileage may vary with this product. At first I wasgoed puzzled by the vibrations of the remote, because they're not strong enough to provide a few sexual pleasure by themselves, after that in fact you can appreciatively turn them off to accumulate power, but I realised so as to the real use of the vibrations is if a handelsgenoot is operating the remote, as they provide convenient feedback all the rage hand about what the wearer is feeling. Powerful prostate doll, dual motors, waterproof. Whether it's the Hugo, or you shun the remote and go designed for the BrunoI really do recommend getting one of these.

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