However, Frodo was gravely wounded as a result of the leader of the Ringwraiths, though he managed to recover under the care of the Half-elven lord Elrond. In the third volume, The Return of the Kingthe further adventures of Gandalf, Aragorn and company are related in the first book of the volume, while Frodo and Sam's are related all the rage the second, as with The Two Towers. The story begins in the first volume, The Fellowship of the Ringwhen Frodo BagginsBilbo's adoptive heir, came addicted to possession of Bilbo's magic ringetje. The only true intimacy all the rage the book occurs between the men, after all, and en route for ignore that fact is en route for ignore one of key components of why The Lord of the Rings is so expressively satisfying, especially to young ene. This plan failed when the Elves became aware of him and took off their Rings. Numerous adaptations of Tolkien's facility have been made for a wide range of media. Composition of The Lord of the Rings film series Howard Beach composed, orchestrated, conducted, and bent the trilogy's music.

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