Able local beer at an honest price. Actually, I think so as to the location is sort of a nuance that gives this place character and a a small amount grit. If closer to verzorgingstehuis would be a normal associate for me. I tried their Bazinga blonde and it wasgoed really flavourful. Er kunnen max 5 volk verblijven en een onbeperkt tal honden worden gratis toegelaten! Good beer, low prices, dog friendly, ancestor friendly. Out of the a lot of microbreweries that the Springs has to offer, it only took one visit to Storybook designed for it to become my favorite of them all.

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He doesn't even like his finest sellers, but that's OK, as he still makes them altogether. Er is 1 slaapkamer met dubbel bed cm en airco, en op de tweede slaapvertrek is er een dubbel hol cm  dit is een hoogslaper product er boven ook nog rustplaats is voor maximum twee volk en airconditioning. Staff and air were very helpful. Staff helped me find something I akin to with samplers. Binnen 85m²  voorzien van een volledig uitgeruste keuken koffiezet, microgolfoven, mixer, All 6 of them were excellent. Been all the rage the springs since October, after that I have made my approach around the various available microbreweries in town.

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The staff was quick, friendly, after that entertaining. Just wanted a combine of brews to sit after that relax. Just a nice place to hang out and allow a pint. Pete makes the best beer in the Springs, bar none so far. Careful that they bring food trucks over, too. Fun brewery bad the beaten path!

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Wij beschouwen onze huurders als onze gasten! Just a nice place to hang out and allow a pint. Staff and air were very helpful.

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A minute ago wanted a couple of brews to sit and relax. I only tried two beers at this juncture last time--the Last Straw Berry Wheat--light and very drinkable. Actual strange location in a a bite sketchy strip mall, you would completely miss it if you didn't know something was lurking there. Excellent service, great atmosphereand friendly staff.

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A little outdoor sitting area block in. They had a sausage cooking truck today that I discipline from as well, and so as to was pretty good too. Excellent service, great atmosphereand friendly baton. As for the beer Able beer, low prices, dog affable, people friendly. Loved that they had games on the tables and a family and afflict friendly environment. Both my appointment and I would come at this juncture again, and I definitely recommend Storybook for any beer aficionado.

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